Wild Yam Root and Herb Benefits

Wild Yam Root and Herb Benefits

Most species of wild yams can be found growing in most temperate climates in the world. One species of yam, Dioscorea villosa, is believed to have originated in east central North America. A related species, Dioscorea opposita (or oppositifolia), is native to China. Both of these species contain diosgenin, a chemical substance with certain medicinal effects, but others may not. Wild yam species from other regions of the world may have different chemical content and different effects.

The diosgenin contained in the root of the wild yam is a steroid-like substance that is believed to convert into the female hormone progesterone.

Dosage and Administration

It has been suggested to take 1 to 2 tsp three times of day of the dried wild yam herb. As tincture take 2 to 4 mL three times daily. Use in children should be limited to only 1 week according to some health professionals. Always make sure to adjust the recommended adult dose to account for the child's weight.

Always check with a medical professional before taking any supplements.