All Natural Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

All Natural Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

Thousands of people are losing weight the natural way by combining the power of natural herbs with a sensible diet and exercise program. Natural weight loss using herbs and supplements is not only effective, but is also safe if you use common sense when choosing products. Not only do you want to lose unwanted and unhealthy weight, but you also want to make sure you do not harm your body in the process.

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Four SUPER Ingredients You NEED in Your Weight Loss Arsenal

The weight loss section of your drugstore can be overwhelming with the hundreds of products that available.  Let us help you narrow it down for you with proven supplements that actually have a solid history of success.

1. Add bulk to your diet with a good fiber supplement.

This overlooked ingredient is one of the most effective weight loss tools available, yet in the typical diet- is extremely deficient. Fiber can help sweep the colon of excess waste and undigested food. This process enables the digestive system to work more efficiently. More importantly, when taken before a meal, fiber supplements can give you a feeling of fullness to encourage less eating.

Fiber Supplements to Consider: 

2. Utilize the Proven Weight Loss Ingredient - Citrimax.

This is a patented extract from garcinia cambogia. It works as an appetite suppressant, and supports metabolism. Unlike many fad products, the manufacturer of this ingredient (Inter Health) has invested in a number of clinical studies to support its usage in weight loss supplements. One clinical study showed that the effectiveness of citrimax (with diet and exercise) to be 3X greater than diet and exercise alone. It is an excellent option for those serious about losing weight.

Citrimax Supplements to Consider:

3. Stop the Conversion of Carbs to Fat with Phase2.

This is another ingredient that is backed by scientific research and has stood the test of time. Phase 2 is an extract from white kidney beans. According to clinical studies done by the manufacturer, Phase 2 works to "neutralize" carbohydrates before they can be converted into fat. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you will want to have a bottle around to use - especially before high carb meals such as bread and pasta.

Phase 2 Supplements to Consider 

4. Experience the Fat Burning Properties of Green Tea.

 Known for its powerful antioxidants, thousands of people have also discovered that it promotes healthy metabolism and fat burning. As a weight loss supplement, green tea is not only fairly inexpensive, but also provides the body a host of other benefits from the antioxidants that it contains.

Green Tea Supplements to Consider:

NOW is the time to take Action...

Surveys released by the London-based obesity task force estimated that over 1.7 billion people worldwide qualify as overweight, with many more just wanting to loose a few additional pounds. In the United States alone, obesity has now reached epidemic proportions. The latest studies indicate that more than 71 of American adults are overweight-an all time record. This compares to 56 in 1984. The problem, however, is not just limited to adults since approximately 12 to 14 of children and adolescents are likewise above their ideal body weight.

A very large percentage of overweight people will develop a severe weight related health condition in their life time and over 300,000 will die from weight related illnesses. If you are struggling with your weight, the health problems you are most likely to develop include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer, gout, and gallbladder disease. Being overweight can also cause less critical but severe problems such as sleep apnea and osteoarthritis.

Stop Weight Related Health Issues

So how do you protect yourself from weight related problems? Loose weight! The simple fact is, the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have health problems..

Many experts are now saying that weight control consists of four components: (1) strength training - to build lean muscle, (2) cardiovascular training - to increase the metabolic rate, (3) proper nutrition - to feed the body, but manage the calories, and (4) mental toughness - to begin and stick with a program. For many, proper nutrition includes some of the following herbal and nutritional weigh loss supplements:

Popular Weight Loss Herbs

Popular Weight Loss Supplements