Vitamin B2 Information and Facts

Vitamin B2 is also a water-soluble vitamin that is required to process amino acids and fats. Vitamin B2 is used to activate vitamin B6 and folic acid. Consequently, vitamin B2 is usually taken in combination with vitamin B6 and/or folic acid. Finally, vitamin B2 aids in the conversion of carbohydrates into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel that runs the body.

While rare, vitamin B2 deficiency occurs in individuals suffering from alcoholism and is more likely to occur in people with cataracts, sickle cell anemia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. In third world and developing countries where diet is poor and nutrition is lacking, vitamin B2 deficiency is considered a strong precursor to preclampsia in pregnant women.

Vitamin B2 Dosage

The optimum intake of supplemental vitamin B2 is not known. 20-25 mg of vitamin B2 is usually included in most good multivitamins and this is usually adequate for more people. Dairy products, meat, and eggs are strong sources of vitamin B2. Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and enriched grains also contain some vitamin B2.

Since vitamin B2 works with vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and vitamin B6 it is often taken as part of a B-complex supplement or multivitamin.