Quality in Product Labeling

At NutraSanus we take several measures taken to insure the quality of our product labels. When developing a product label, accuracy and truthfulness of the label are of the utmost importance. At NutraSanus, we take care that all labels are created in accordance with the FDA’s CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)1. It is important that the label meets these guidelines in order to be in compliance with the CFR’s label standards.

For all nutrient values on product labels, data is determined by calculation, vendor supplied information, and/or laboratory testing. Recognized databases (such as the USDA nutrient database) are often utilized in determining these nutritional values.

To insure safe use of NutraSanus products, specific cautionary language may also be used on product labels when applicable. This cautionary language is generated using published safety information and/or supplier material safety data sheets in order to alert consumers of potential misuse or contraindications.

1. FDA: http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/dslg-1.html