Nettle Herb Benefits

Nettle Herb Benefits

The nettle plant can found naturally in most temperate regions of the world. The tough fibers from the nettle stem have been used to make cloth and cooked nettle leaves have been consumed as a vegetable. Historically, nettle has been used to support prostate health, support respiratory health, and to stimulate hair growth.

There is still some disagreement as to the identity of the active constituents in the nettle herb. While many researchers believe that polysaccharides and lectins are most likely to be the main constituents, it is still unclear.

Dosage and Administration

Two to three 300 mg nettle leaf capsules or tablets or 2-4 ml tincture can be taken three times per day for to reduce allergies during allergy season. For mild BPH in men, 120 mg of a concentrated root extract in capsules can be taken two times per day.

Many products for BPH will combine nettle root with saw palmetto or pygeum extracts.