MGN 3 Supplements

First introduced during the late 1990s, MGN3 has become a very popular, if not one of the more popular, immune enhancing supplements. It has been reported that MGN3 has clinically shown to triple Natural Killer (NK) cell activity, to increase B and T cell counts, and to enhance production of several cytokines including interferon gamma, IL-2, and IL-12. However, the reported effects of MGN3 in promoting this cell activity, as reported by both manufacturers and marketers, are only maintained as long as MGN3 supplementation is continued.

Suggested MGN Health Benefits
  • Is a popular patented immune enhancing supplement that integrates rice bran hemicellulose with Shiitake mushroom enzymes
  • It is reported that MGN3 has clinically shown to triple the immune system's Natural Killer Cell activity
  • More than 100,000 people have used MGN3
  • More than 5,000 doctors in the US recommend MGN3
  • More than 12 studies have been published with Medical Research
Dosage and Administration

No recommended dosage is available.