Kombucha Tea and Mushroom Information and Benefits

Kombucha, also known as the Manchurian or Kargasok mushroom, is not a mushroom but rather a mixture of bacteria that includes Acetobacter xylinum, Acetobacter ketogenum and Pichia fermentans, and various yeasts. The yeasts are usually of the genera Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, and Zygosaccharomyces. Kombucha is most commonly taken as a tea and is prepared by incubating it in sugared black or green tea. The tea is mildly effervescent and has a cider-like acid taste.

Benefits of Kombucha Tea

People from all walks of life throughout the world claim that taking Kombucha Tea on a regular basis provides relief from many ailments. While it may or may not be the cure to all ailments, it is a traditional fermented beverage used in many cultures to promote well-being. The strongest endorsement of the power of Kombucha tea is that cultures throughout the world have been using it for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years in different parts of the world. This in itself lends testimony to the fact the tea has long been beneficial to many for a variety of physical ailments.