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Eric Zeisler Hypnotherapy - NGH Certified New York City Hypnotist Specializing inWeight Loss Hypnosis, Stop Smoking Hypnosis, Stress Management Hypnosis, Sports & Performance, Confidence, Hypnosis Seminars and Workshops.

Total Wellness by Renee Simon, MS. CNS - Renee A. Simon is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, writer, and seminar leader who specializes in nutrition, exercise, and the mind/body connection. Clinical Nutrition is specialized nutritional counseling designed to correct diet and nutrient imbalances through comprehensive personalized programs.

Anne C. Hermans, DVM, CVH - Ask Dr. Hermans, holistic veterinarian, a question online aboutyour dog or cat. Dr. Hermans is a certified veterinary homeopath and has a small-animal holistic and classical homeopathy practice in Connecticut.

The Complete Wellness Center - optimizing and restoring complete health and wellness by blending the best of both natural and modern medicine.

Integrated Health Australia - is an integrated health clinic which incorporates the very best of traditional medicine and modern medicine helping customers to achieve optimum health, well being, performance and vitality.

Lawrence Horwill - Natural Healer - experienced healing practitioner based in Brighton.

Christopher Wiechert C.N.C. - a clinical nutritionist in the field of ortho-molecular and anti-aging sciences.

Los Angeles Counseling and Psychotherapy Center - The Los Angeles Counseling and Psychotherapy Center specializes in telephone and face-to-face counseling, treating individuals and couples seeking to improve their relationships. -

NATURALLY...YOU, Homeopathic Solutions - Online homeopathic clinic, independent research, new materia medica essences and articles pointing out sources of disease such as mercury poisoning. Breast cancer, homicidal behavior, AIDS, TSEs and SARS are topics on the site. Remedies for such unique diseases as Nodding Syndrome and Bird Flu. Robert Lee Dalpe, ND is the owner, author, webmaster and Online Homeopath as well as the moderator of the Classical Homeopathy Yahoo! Group.

Holistic Practitioners’ Network - A virtual holistic health care center featuring alternative health care practitioners from many fields. It includes a directory, newsletter, events calendar, as well as a glossary of therapies.

A Path to Better Health - Alternative Health Products that really work.

Los Angeles Marriage & Family Therapist - (MFT)provides Counseling and Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Grief & Loss, and Depression.