Natural and Dietary Fiber Supplements

Research has shown time and time again that diets high in natural fiber can prevent the development of a number of critical health problems including heart disease. Find out why natural fiber and dietary fiber supplements can help you live a longer, healthier, and safer life.

Fiber cannot be digested by the human body; however, fiber does play a very important role in human health. All plant-based foods that we eat are full of fiber, with most whole foods containing two essential forms of fiber - soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both types of fiber are needed to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and promote healthy and regular bowel movements.

Soluble fiber bonds with water in the digestive system, whereby lowering the rate of absorption of starches and sugars in the stomach and intestinal tract. The result of this effect is significantly reduced cholesterol levels over time, which may help prevent hear disease, stroke, and a myriad of other internal problems. Eating foods or taking supplements that provide soluble fiber may also help improve glucose tolerance for people suffering from diabetes.

Insoluble fiber acts as a natural laxative that speeds the passage of foods through the intestinal tract. The peels of many fruits are high in insoluble fiber.

While dietary fiber plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body, most Americans consume in their diets only half the amount of daily fiber recommended by health experts.

Dosage and Administration

Fiber is available as a supplement in several forms including tablets, capsules, and powders. For general adult health, 25 to 35 g per day dietary fiber is suggested. No recommendations are available for dosage for children.