Borderline Type 2 Diabetes, Borderline rising Cholesterol Levesand Hypertension and

 Dr. Passero, I was told that I have borderline Type 2 Diabetes because my fasting blood sugar levels were between 130 and 150 and Blood Pressure in the 130-140s/80-90s and a rise in my cholesterol level. I have changed my diet and increased my activity level by using the treadmill. I do not want to be placed on any medications for these problems. I would like to try the natural way first. I was recommended by a friend to your site and saw many alternative agents that I could use to help me. I am taking advantage of your Ask The Doctor Section for your help. What products would you think I should use to decrease Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Pressure levels? I look forward to hearing from you. I thank you for your time and your reply will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Marie G.

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Thank you for your question.  All of your current issues are borderline and with the right help and guidance there is a good chance that you can avoid the use of mediations by bringing these numbers back into the normal range.


Diet and Exercise:

First and foremost you need to keep going with that regular exercise program.  I know it sounds basic but you will have a much greater likelihood of having success with natural medicine if you succeed in this area.  By losing weight you will automatically increase your insulin sensitivity which will bring down your blood sugar, decrease your blood pressure and lower cholesterol….without taking anything at all!!!  Keep increasing the frequency, length and intensity of your treadmill workouts gradually until you are doing at least 30-45min 4-6x per week. 


Once you have designed a good exercise program you can start to focus on your diet.  The number one thing I would suggest is to start balancing your carbohydrate/fat/protein levels.  The best mixture for losing weight and decreasing blood sugar problems is to go on a low carbohydrate diet.  The South Beach Diet or the Zone Diet are great examples of ways to do this in a very healthy manner.  Both diets will teach you how to properly manage your fat/protein/carbohydrate levels which will drastically improve your blood sugar balance and help you to reduce your weight and lower your blood pressure. 


Blood Sugar Balance:

Supplements can also be a great help for you.  Starting on a blood sugar support formula will provide your body with key vitamins, nutrients and herbs that help to promote healthy blood sugar balance.  Nutrients like chromium, vanadium and alpha lipoic acid have shown beneficial effects on supporting healthy blood sugar levels in scientific studies.  Herbs such as Gymnema sylvestra and bitter melon have shown similar benefits for blood sugar regulation.


Appetite and Craving Control:

If you are having any issues with over eating or snacking you may want to try a natural formula to support a healthy appetite and help with portion control.  Garcinia cambogia is an herb that has been well documented in its ability to assist people in weight loss by naturally reducing appetite without the use of any stimulant properties.  At all costs, avoid weight loss drugs and supplements that contain caffeine or other stimulants.  These are not only dangerous but will not result in sustained weight loss. 


Green tea is another great natural fat burner.  Although green tea does contain trace amounts of caffeine it is actually the EGCG’s found in green tea that are responsible for the weight loss properties.  These unique chemical compounds have a powerful effect on several systems of the body and stimulate metabolism far more effectively than the small caffeine content found in green tea. 


Fish Oil:

For your blood pressure and cholesterol I would recommend starting with a good quality fish oil supplement.  Fish oil is one of the most widely used natural supplements largely due to its numerous benefits on several different systems of the body.  It is known to raise HDL levels (good cholesterol) and lower triglyceride levels.  Extensive scientific data supports the ability of fish oil to positively influence blood lipids levels and support a healthy cardiovascular system. 


Omega 3 fatty acids also play an important part in the cascade of events that triggers blood vessel contraction and relaxation.  Through this mechanism, fish oils can positively impact healthy blood pressure regulation. 


The average dose of fish oil needed to get these positive effects is somewhere in the range of 4,000-6,000mg per day for the average person.  Make sure to get a high quality, high potency fish oil supplement to reduce the amount of pills you have to take.  Also, make sure the bottle says that your fish oil is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.  If it does not say it on the bottle, do not buy it. 


A last note on fish oil is that if you take any prescription blood thinners like Warfarin, Coumadin or Plavix you should not take fish oil unless you are directly supervised by a qualified physician.  



Final Thoughts:

These suggestions should put you on your way to achieving your goals of re-gaining your health.  Remember that the more you do with your diet and exercise the better the end results will be.


In Health,


Dr. Passero

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