Doctor Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Doctor Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Supplements with more than marketing hype behind them.

Vitabase goes the extra mile to ensure that the products we sell are as safe and effective as possible. That is why every product in the Vitabase brand is individually reviewed by Dr. Kevin Passero, a licensed doctor of natural medicine. Dr. Passero has worked with some of the leading doctors in the field of natural medicine and is currently the Vice President of the Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians. We are proud to see his seal on our products.

Look for the Seal

"The approval seal is dedicated to specific products that demonstrate exceptional detail to formulation and ingredient selection. It verifies that I have personally reviewed the formula to assess the quality and quantity of each ingredient. Designing an exceptional formula requires that certain ingredients be present in sufficient enough quantities to be effective, while at the same time ensuring that those key ingredients are present at safe levels.

If you see a product with my seal, you can be confident that it meets the highest standards for quality and safety."

Dr. Kevin Passero, N.D.