Herbal Remedies Used for Depression

This is no one cause of depression; in fact, many things can trigger depression. However, many times depression is caused by a chemical change that affects how the brain functions and can also be a response to stressful events, hormonal imbalances, and other biochemical abnormalities. The brain is a giant messaging system that controls everything from your heart to breathing and your emotions via chemicals called neurotransmitters. Depression occurs when these chemical messages aren't delivered correctly between brain cells. Normally depression is characterized by unhappy feelings of hopelessness.

Some milder forms of depression may not require treatment from a physician. However, when depression becomes severe, you should seek the assistance of a qualified counselor or doctor. Without proper diagnosis it can be difficult to know what treatment is appropriate. Depression caused by chemical imbalances can be treated with a number of prescription drugs while more serious forms may require antidepressants. Mild and ongoing depression may be best treated by a licensed counselor and will not necessarily require any medications.

Mild depression that passes quickly may not require any diagnosis or treatment. However, when depression becomes recurrent, constant, or severe, it should be diagnosed by a licensed counselor, psychologist, social worker, or doctor. Diagnosis may be crucial for determining appropriate treatment. For example, depression caused by low thyroid function can be successfully treated with prescription thyroid medication. Suicidal depression often requires prescription antidepressants. Persistent mild to moderate depression triggered by stressful events is often best treated with counseling and not necessarily with medications.

When depression does not appear to have any identifiable external cause, it is referred to as endogenous. Endogenous depression can be cause by any number of biochemical abnormalities. Those suffering from endogenous depression sometimes use nutritional supplements and natural herbal remedies in connection with their depression.