Back Ache Relief and Remedies

Since the back supports a large portion of the body's weight, is used for lifting, sitting, and just about every other physical activity, it is very susceptible to intermittent pain and injury. Notwithstanding, it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of back pain. Common causes include joint problems, poor muscle tone, strained muscles, herniated or slipped disc, etc.

Those at risk of getting back pain include people who wear high heels, sit for extended periods of time, are sedentary, overly active, or are obese. Many people suffering from back pain are able to cope and even recover without medical assistance in less than a month, though recurrences in such cases are common. Low back pain can be short term or acute, lasting longer than 3 months.

If you find you have acute back pain, you should seek the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional. Serious back pain can lead to a number of more serious conditions including spinal disorders, infections, fractures, osteoporosis, arthritis, or other less serious conditions.