Age Related Cognitive Decline Causes and Remedies

Many experts consider the deterioration of memory and thinking abilities to be a normal result of aging. Individuals suffering from Age Related Cognitive Decline (a.k.a. ARCD) may experience a regression or slump in their language skills, learning and memory capacity, thinking ability, competency, ability to pay attention and concentrate, and other cognitive functions as well.

ARCD appears gradually over time. Normally, cognitive function in aging adults remains constant over several years, with only a minor drop in reaction times and short-term memory. In contrast, people stricken with an illness such as Alzheimer's disease experience a much faster loss of cognitive function. Such a sudden deterioration of cognitive ability is not considered a part of the normal aging process.

Because many individuals often believe they are experiencing troubles with their memory when, in fact, no actual decline in memory function is taking place, cognitive performance should be assessed and evaluated by a professional.