Vitabase (our parent company) has an easy affiliate program for you to earn commissions when you sell either Vitabase or Nutrasanus products.  When you join, you will immediately have the ability to sell thousands of popular health products in addition to the high quality products in the Vitabase/Nutrasanus label.  As you refer traffic to our sites, you will be taking advantage of our high conversion rate and our extraordinary customer service.  Here are some of the benefits of the Vitabase affiliate program.

  • No inventory costs.  We stock products for you.
  • We process credit cards and provide all customer service for you.
  • You will earn 25% commission on products under the Vitabase or Nutrasanus brand and 10% of all other products.
  • 90 day cookie.  In today's marketplace, customers make several visits to a site before purchasing.  We give you credit as long as they purchase within 90 days of their first visit.
  • Ability to sell 300 products under the Vitabase/Nutrasanus label and thousands of other popular products.
  • State-of-the-art reporting to manage your business.

Customer Service Matters

The hallmark of Vitabase is customer service.  Your customers will love doing business with us and we will go the extra mile to help them.  Our customer service also extends to our affiliates.  When you have questions about our affiliate program, you will have someone to talk to that you can ask for by name when you call.

Click here to learn more about the Vitabase Affiliate Program.

How does the Vitabase Dropship program help me?

  • Low-error systems that process your orders efficiently and accurately (normally the same day we receive them).
  • Excellent margins.
  • Flexibility.  You can send your orders by fax or email and can also just call us.
  • Recurring revenue.  Once you gain a customer, they are yours for life.

Increase Profits

If you already sell some products but would like to increase your revenue by offering more products, consider the Vitabase drop ship program.  You can easily double or triple the number of products you offer without spending one dime on inventory costs.

Our Systems Sets Us Apart

You will find that we process dropship orders quickly and accurately while still providing you with the flexibility you crave.  We understand that most of our dropship partners are not technology experts with unlimited budgets.   That is why we will bend over backward to make our systems work with yours rather than the other way around.

Click here to learn more about the Vitabase Dropship Program.