About Vitabase

If you are a frequent visitor to Nutrasanus, you have undoubtedly noticed that the site has changed very dramatically over the past month. This is due to the recent acquisition of Nutrasanus by Vitabase.

Vitabase is an online retailer of premium health supplements. Founded in 2002, it sells hundreds of high quality health supplements under the Vitabase label as well as thousands of other products.

Nutrasanus is a powerful blend of both an extensive collection of information about alternative health as well as a place to purchase supplements. That is not going to change. The complete health library you are used to using will remain intact. However, here are some things that are changing.

  • Better organization of health information. We will be making it easier to research herbs and supplements by designing a better directory structure and implementing search capability.
  • Addition of a medical research section. Our medical research will be managed by the Vitabase naturopathic physician Dr. Kevin Passero. Other certified naturopaths will also provide input into this section. We will be adding the capability for our customers to ask the doctors their questions about health.
  • Addition of the Vitabase brand of products. The Nutrasanus brand does not completely cover all of the product categories that you are interested in. We will be introducing the Vitabase brand to fill in gaps, and when appropriate, replace some Nutrasanus products. We believe that the Vitabase brand represents a combination of the high quality and reasonable prices that the Nutrasanus brand cannot always achieve.
  • Addition of other brand supplements. We will be adding hundreds and possibly thousands of other well-known brands of health supplements to Nutrasanus over the next year. Soon Nutrasanus will be a one-stop place for both your health research as well your supplement purchases.

In a nutshell, we want to change Nutrasanus in ways that it needs to change while leaving its original mission and integrity intact. If you have any questions, please contact us.